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Inside your Superfood Gardening eGuide, you will discover fast, easy, and healthy superfoods to grow.

You will learn some of the best reasons to grow superfoods such as…

  • How growing superfoods increase the changes of living over 100.
  • Why growing your own superfoods is better to buying them in a grocery store.
  • What superfood is the easiest to start with—even if you have never gardened before.
  • How a favorite superfood can be ready in just two weeks from now.
  • What vegetable is the most nutrient-dense on the planet.
  • Which superfood plants only need to be planted once and produce BIGGER crops every year.
  • How you can grow baby turmeric and ginger right in your own backyard.

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Learn from these 12 Experts

During this exclusive event, learn from these garden visionaries how to supercharge your garden and thrive!

Stacey Murphy

The Bioenergetic and
Electroculture Garden

Ocean Robbins

Supercharge Your Health with
Berries and Greens

Charles Dowding

Nutritious Harvests with
No-Dig Gardening

Sajah Popham

Garden of Immunity: Herbal
Remedies for Resilience

Kami McBride

Healing with
Garden Sage

Amy Landers

Superfoods for

Matt Powers

What Is
Regenerative Soil?

Jason Matyas

Gardening & Homesteading
with Children

Greg Peterson

Seed Saving Hacks
and Wild Seeds

Crystal Meserole

Beneficials for
Your Soil

Michael Kilpatrick

Backyard Fruit

Marjory Wildcraft

Secrets To Growing
Your Own Chocolate

Supercharge your Health, Happiness, & the Earth

12+ Garden Visionaries Help You Grow Nutrient Rich Foods with Ease

Ocean Robbins:
Supercharge Your Health with Berries & Greens

Amy Landers:
Superfoods for Butterflies: Creating Butterfly Havens with 3 Essential Steps

Greg Peterson: Seed Saving Hacks and Wild Seeds: Rebuilding Native Ecosystems
Stacey Murphy:
The Experimental Gardener: DIY Bioenergetics and Electroculture

Matt Powers:
Regenerative Soil: The Vital Role of Soil Health for Nourishing Plants, People, and Ecosystems

Crystal Meserole: Beneficials for Your Soil: Protecting Your Garden From Pests
Charles Dowding:
No-Dig Gardening for a More Nutritious Homegrown Harvest

Sajah Popham:
Herbal Remedies for Resilience and a Healthy Immune System

Kami McBride: Healing with Garden Sage: Herbal Steam Remedy for Respiratory Health and Decongestion
Michael Kilpatrick:
Backyard Essentials for Growing Elderberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Rhubarb, and Strawberries

Jason Matyas:
Raising Healthy, Resilient Children through Gardening & Homesteading

Marjory Wildcraft: How to Grow Your Own Chocolate

Download your Superfoods eGuide & receive your FREE spot in the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit ENCORE!

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Discover the Worth of the Superfood Summit…

✔️ Receive expert guidance from gardening experts, nutritionists, and superfood enthusiasts.

✔️ Learn practical tips and techniques to make your gardening endeavor easier and successful.

✔️ Hear about a wide range of topics that are useful whether you are a novice gardener or have years of experience.

✔️ Get master tips to grow SUPERFOODS… NO need to spend your whole paycheck on supplements to feel great!

Need More Reasons to Grow Your Own Superfood Garden?

✔️ Superfoods are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

✔️ The antioxidants found in superfoods help reduce inflammation and lower the risk of many chronic diseases.

✔️ Many superfoods are low in calories and high in fiber, which can aid in weight management.

✔️ Superfoods often provide an energy boost as well as being sustainable source of energy to fuel your day.

✔️ Superfoods protect against age-related cell and tissue damage

The microgreen presentation was so inspiring.

There really is NO reason to NOT have food growing year round!

Deborah N.

“Loving the 5 Flavor GREEN Garden presentation for someone who wants to begin but has no idea… thank you Stacey!”

Ahmed Q.

“I can grow sweet potatoes in my colder climate if I time it right! I never knew I could. That’s amazing, and I also didn’t know they have greens that we could eat.

Karen C.

5 Reasons to Attend the Superfood Garden Summit:

1. Expert Guidance: Gain insights and tips from gardening experts and superfood enthusiasts who share their knowledge and expertise on growing nutrient-rich superfoods.

2. Practical Advice: Learn practical techniques and strategies for successfully cultivating a variety of superfoods from soil preparation and planting to harvesting and maintenance

3. Diverse Topics: Explore a wide range of topics related to superfood gardening, including plant selection, pest management, composting, and sustainable gardening practices.

4. Inspiration and Motivation: Get inspired by success stories and real-life examples of gardeners who have transformed their spaces into thriving superfood gardens and discover the endless possibilities for your own garden.

5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for gardening and superfoods and exchange ideas, tips, and advice in a supportive and collaborative environment.

And here is a bonus reason

✔️ Empowerment: Empower yourself to take control of your food supply, improve your health and well-being, and create a more sustainable and resilient future by growing your own nutrient-rich superfoods.

Your Summit Hosts:

Grow Your Own Vegetables is on a mission to support one million new growers in creating successful vegetable and herb gardens. Our team’s passion is to remove gardening obstacles so that you have the opportunity to wake up, step into your garden, and harvest organic breakfast greens or mint for your morning tea. We want to empower you to create a lifetime of healthy habits for you and your loved ones with garden-fresh food.

Join Stacey Murphy (Founder) and Denise Beins (CEO) of Grow Your Own Vegetables as they share the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit. Stacey is one of the world’s top gardening experts, and she envisions a world where everyone is nourished by the magic of fresh, affordable, and culturally exciting food…extra points if it’s homegrown! Denise believes gardening can be part of anyone’s lifestyle, no matter what kind of space, physical ability, or experience they have. That’s why she has gathered so many garden visionaries in one place for the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit. Join Grow Your Own Vegetables for this exciting event, and take part in their mission of fresh food for all!

Supercharge your Health,
Happiness, & the Earth

Download your Superfoods eGuide & receive your FREE spot in the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit ENCORE!

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