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During this exclusive Livestream event, these garden visionaries show you how to supercharge your garden and thrive
Stacey Murphy
Stacey MurphyVegetable & Herb Plants 101
Crystal Meserole
Crystal MeseroleHow to Grow a Non-Stop Supply of Microgreens
Manju Kumar
Manju KumarGarden Healing: Celebrating Biodiversity and Peace
Tradd Cotter
Tradd Cotter4 Easy Ways to Grow Mushrooms
Matt Powers
Matt PowersRegenerative Soil for an Abundant Harvest
Rob Herring
Rob HerringSmall Scale Vermicomposting You Can Do Anywhere
Jesicca Smith
Jesicca SmithBoosting the Nutrition of Your Edible Plants
Greg Peterson
Greg PetersonIrrigation & Water Conservation Made Easy
Heather Irvine
Heather IrvineGarden Like an Herbalist
Jason Matyas
Jason MatyasHeirloom Seeds and Maximum Nutrition
Melissa Norris
Melissa NorrisSuccession Planting & Intercropping for Better Yields
Kami McBride
Kami McBride​Setting up Your Herbal Kitchen Medicine
Tom Bartels
Tom BartelsMistakes I Made So You Don't Have To
Marjory Wildcraft
Marjory Wildcraft3 Unusual Superfoods That You Can Grow Right At Home
Dale Soloman
Dale SolomanGrow Your Own Spirulina
Stacey Murphy
Stacey MurphyOrganic Edible Gardens that Thrive Q&A

About Your Host:

Stacey Murphy - Summit Host

Stacey has traveled to gardens, farms and homesteads across the globe and has curated best practices from coast to coast. Stacey envisions a world where everyone is nourished by the magic of fresh, affordable and culturally exciting food…extra points if it’s homegrown.

Stacey is one of the world’s top gardening experts, featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World and once appeared on the David Letterman show featuring a giant radish! She is known for her superpower of packing, literally, tons of vegetables and herbs into tight spaces and she has helped thousands of new gardeners from six continents enjoy fresh, affordable food grown at home - whether that’s a pot on a window sell or a front lawn full of veggies.

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Get healthy and nourish yourself with nutrient-rich foods you can grow right at home!