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Ocean Robbins: Nutritious Foods People Can Easily Grow

Jason Matyas: 5 Simple Ways to Grow More Food in the Same Space

Greg Peterson: The Most Revolutionary Way to Water Your Garden

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All 15+ Superfood Garden Summit Presentation Recordings

Brian Vaszily: How Gardening Helps You Grow
Ocean Robbins: Nutritious Foods People Can Easily Grow
Sajah Popham: Growing a Garden of Calm
Amy Landers: Superfood for Wildlife
Catie Corman: Gardening with Pollinators
Greg Peterson & Janis Norton: The Most Revolutionary Way to Water Your Garden
Kami McBride: Herbs for Dinner!
Matt Powers: Permaculture for Beginners
Rik Vermuyten: Real Human Agriculture
Michael Kilpatrick: Growing Tubers: Ginger and Turmeric
Rob Herring: How Human & Planetary Health Are One
Jason Matyas: 5 Simple Ways to Grow More Food in the Same Space
Marjory Wildcraft: How Tarahumara Indians Grow Their Own Food
Stacey Murphy: Unlocking Sustainability with Scavenger Hunts
Enoch Graham: Small Space Gardening

16 "Best of Past Summits Collection" Recordings

🍅 Stacey Murphy: Spirit Gardening
🍅 Rob Herring: Neuroscience & Gardening
🍅 Sajah Popham: Herbal First Aid
🍅 Michael Kilpatrick: Supercharged Soil
🍅 Tom Bartels: Supercharge Your SOIL to Avoid Pests & Diseases
🍅 David the Good: Super Easy Composting
🍅 Jana Bogs: Double the Nutrient Content of Your Crops + Citrus for Cleansing
🍅 Stacey Murphy: 10 Garden Hacks
🍅 Stacey Murphy: Vegetables & Herb Plants 101
🍅 Michael Kilpatrick: Seed Starting 101
🍅 John Moody: The Amazing Elderberry
🍅 David Wolfe: Interplanting Fruit & Nut Trees
🍅 Dale Soloman: Grow Your Own Spirulina
🍅 Marjory Wildcraft: 3 Unusual Superfoods That You Can Grow Right At Home
🍅 Dax Funderburk: Garlic
🍅 Bill Osuch: Hydroponic Growing for Beginners

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🥦 Top 5 Lavender Home Remedies eGuide
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PDF transcripts of all Superfood Garden Summit presentations. Use these to read along with the videos, take notes, highlight and reference your take-a-ways!

2022 Food Revolution Summit

BONUS #4 from Food Revolution Network
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Bestselling author John Robbins interviews 25 of the top food experts on the planet, revealing the latest insights and breakthroughs to help you heal your body and your world — with food!

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Home Medicine 101 Course

BONUS #6 from The Grow Network
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Long before there was Nyquil, Tylenol, and Bengay, there was herbal medicine. With a renewed focus on natural remedies and home medicine kits, it’s time for you to learn everything you can about taking care of the 12 most common ailments at home! Our Home Medicine 101 eCourse is here to guide you through a selection of proven remedies that have been passed down for generations.

Grow Network Home Medicine 101

The Permaculture Student 1 Workbook

BONUS #7 from Matt Powers
Value $35

The Permaculture Student 1 Workbook is a guide with recipes, formulas & diagrams to help anyone analyze, understand, and plan their own home site. Whether you need to make a topographic map, create a series of climate analogs, arrange the zones, or plot the sunpath or sun angles, this workbook will safely guide you and help you to stay on track – this is where the knowledge you acquire in the textbook is applied.

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The Happy Guide to Composting

BONUS #9 from Amy Landers, Gardens That Matter
Value $25

Composting is a simple practice that gives you a huge advantage as a gardener – you’ll reduce waste, save money, and nurture healthy soil. Discover our quick and easy approach in The Happy Garden Guide to Composting. The colorful e-book will help you find the perfect location, choose a method to fit your lifestyle, and understand the science behind the transformation. The guide also includes resources and bonus videos for digging deeper into turning “trash” into treasure for your garden.

Grow Network Home Medicine 101

The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit

BONUS #10 from Brian Vaszily, The Art of Anti-Aging
Value $197

In the landmark summit, Now It’s Personal, leading natural health advocate Brian Vaszily gathered 21 world-renowned longevity and healthy aging doctors and researchers and asked them to share their proven most effective secrets of all to live long and well. And now, you can catch it all instantly, on-demand. You’ll discover essential secrets you rarely hear elsewhere to combat and avoid disease and experience peak brain power, energy, moods, skin and more. In this bonus package, you’ll get the complete digital recordings and written transcripts of all 21 interviews.

Top 5 Lavender Home Remedies

BONUS #11 from Kami McBride
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This short, easy to read eBook gives you some of Kami’s favorite, simple recipes for using this powerful healing herb to relax and take care of yourself and your family.

Learn to make:
✓ Lavender Tea for Indigestion
✓ Lavender Compresses for Headaches
✓ Lavender Wash for Cuts and Scrapes
✓ Lavender Bath for Muscle Tension
✓ Lavender Steam for Household Fumigation
✓ Lavender Lemonade

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