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During this exclusive event, these visionaries will show you expert tips to supercharge your garden & your health so you can enjoy even more flavor, health and vitality.

Stacey Murphy

Adding Flowers
to Your Garden

Ocean Robbins

Superfoods that are Super Easy and Fun to Grow

Dr. Trevor Cates

How Organic Superfoods Help Hormonal Balance and Skin

Edwin & Paul Dysinger

The Superfood Perpetual Harvest Hack

Tom Bartels

Secrets to a Sustainable & Nutrient-Dense Veggie Garden

Rob Herring

We Decided to Become Farmers

Jessica Smith

School Gardens for Super Kids (and at Home!)

Jason Matyas

Starting Seeds & Caring for Seedlings

Greg Peterson

Planting Fruit Trees
for Success

Marjory Wildcraft

How to Have Free Breakfast for Life

Michael Kilpatrick

Choosing Greens Varieties for All Climates

Kami McBride

Edible Flower Herb Walk

Tasha Greer

Weeds are Superfoods Too
(for you & your garden!)

Matt Powers

The Miracle of Soil Organic Matter

John Moody

The Amazing Elderberry

Jana Bogs Headshot

Jana Bogs

Double the Nutrient Content of Your Crops + Citrus for Cleansing

Meg Groves

Engaging Kids
in the Garden

Gracie Schatz

Spanakopita – A Delicious & Nutritious Superfood Feast

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  • Nourish yourself with homegrown medicine and prevent chronic diseases
  • Enjoy the garden lifestyle and tap into the peace of knowing exactly how your food was grown
Here’s what fellow gardeners had to say about our Summits:

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Betsy J.

“Exceptional information from experts in the food, garden, and health industry speaking and spreading the love and knowledge to help us live with vitality and happiness.

Kelsey H.

“All of the presenters are very knowledgeable and everyone can learn a lot from this summit.

Karen P.

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Never grew garlic and it isn’t as intimidating as I thought. So tomorrow, off I go to the farmer’s market, and see which kind I can find and plant!
Karen C.

The visuals about how to prune berries were priceless – we got to understand the rationale behind it! Invaluable and applicable to other soft fruit bushes too!
Marla D.

Now I know I am not the only one who deals with the struggles of weather, poor soil and sometimes I just don’t know what went wrong. Thank you.
Lyda E.

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{Sneak Peek into Grow Your Own Vegetable’s Upcoming Micro Course}
Garden Beneficials: Lesson 1

Learn about the microscopic garden protectors that can help you get more from your garden in this sneak peek lesson of the Upcoming Garden Beneficials Micro Course Series

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2021 Food Revolution Summit

Bestselling author John Robbins interviews 24 of the top food experts on the planet, revealing the latest insights and breakthroughs to help you heal your body and your world — with food! Get unlimited access to all the expert interviews PLUS transcripts and $2,000+ worth of bonuses.

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Clean Skin From Within With Nourishing Recipes

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Compost & Compost Tea eBook

Get the science, methods, and recipes for all your compost and compost tea needs from garden to farm scale in one easy to read ebook. All excerpts come from Regenerative Soil, the celebrated breakthrough book that showcases the cutting edge in soil management methods and science.

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Your Guide to Knowing How to Use Edible Flowers in Your Everyday Meals

Printable edible flower recipes. Learn how to safely use edible flowers that not only bring beauty to your lunch plate, but provide multiple health benefits as well.

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The Perfect Soil™ course: If you want to gain a deeper understanding of these concepts, my best recommendation is to take my interactive, online video Perfect Soil™ course. This makes for a fun and supportive environment for learning and applying the knowledge.  Includes 19 Teaching Videos with handouts to help you learn; Online group calls for fun sharing and additional live teaching by Dr. Bogs; Optimized Nutrition Grown™ Analysis for your garden with over 20 parameters; plus bonuses!

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Epicurean Living Ezine Issues 1-3

You can download three issues of Epicurean Living magazine. This little online magazine is loaded with lovely images and ideas about living well through mindful moderation. Every issue offers quick reads on easy to implement concepts that relate to Epicurean philosophy, gardening, homesteading, creativity, and ecology.

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Born to Grow Plug & Play Garden Plan

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