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For BEGINNERS, this Summit will help you get started preparing your soil, choosing your plants and discovering what your plants want to thrive. For SEASONED GROWERS, you’ll discover new tricks to simplify your garden and maximize your harvest.

During this exclusive event, these visionaries will show you expert tips to supercharge your garden so you can enjoy even more flavor, health and vitality.

Stacey Murphy

Spirit Gardening to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

Ocean Robbins
Healthier Together: Community Gardens that Thrive
David Wolfe
Interplanting Fruit & Nut Trees with Vegetables
Sajah Popham
Herbal First Aid Kit: 5 Plants & How to Prepare them
Tom Bartels
How to Preserve Kale, Beets & Potatoes For Peak Flavor
Rob Herring
Why Neuroscience Predicts Gardeners Live Longer
Jessica Smith
Sweet & Abundant Homegrown Strawberries
Jason Matyas

Growing Superfoods in the Fall and Winter

Greg Peterson
Healthy Soil for Garden Success & Climate Resiliency
Marjory Wildcraft
Secrets to Growing Your Own Chocolate
Michael Kilpatrick
Supercharging Your Garden Soil
Matthew Huber
Boosting Your Garden Yields with Algae
Dale Solomon
Spirulina: The Endurance Booster You Can Grow + Recipes


Matt Powers
Choosing a Compost System That Works For You
John Moody

Maximizing Your Sweet Potato Harvest

Yeun Byun
Healthier Together: Community Gardens that Thrive
Jana Bogs

Awesome Food, Vibrant Health

Tasha Greer
How to Grow Your Own Fresh Spice Cabinet Year Round

Get healthy and grow your own superfoods… it’s easier than you think!
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Inheriting the wisdom of these garden visionaries makes growing your own food so much simpler… And once your garden is thriving, imagine what else is possible!

  • Grow a more abundant harvest without a lot of hard work
  • Ensure your foods are supercharged with precious nutrients
  • Nourish yourself with homegrown medicine and prevent chronic diseases
  • Enjoy the garden lifestyle and tap into the peace of knowing exactly how your food was grown

Here’s what fellow gardeners had to say about our Summits:

The microgreen presentation was so inspiring. There really is NO reason to NOT have food growing year round!

Deborah N.

Loving the 5 Flavor GREEN Garden presentation for someone who wants to begin but has no idea… thank you Stacey!

Ahmed Q.

I can grow sweet potatoes in my colder climate if I time it right! I never knew I could. That’s amazing, and I also didn’t know they have greens that we could eat.

Karen C.

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Never grew garlic and it isn’t as intimidating as I thought. So tomorrow, off I go to the farmer’s market, and see which kind I can find and plant!

Karen C.

The visuals about how to prune berries were priceless – we got to understand the rationale behind it! Invaluable and applicable to other soft fruit bushes too!

Marla D.

Now I know I am not the only one who deals with the struggles of weather, poor soil and sometimes I just don’t know what went wrong. Thank you.

Lyda E.

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Kelp me! I want to grow plants! If you have ever added kelp to your soil or algae extract as a bio-stimulant you are going to want to watch this video. This group of nerds has been growing algae for over 20 years and has made the tools you need to grow your own algae and feed it to your crops. They want you to grow your own algae soil amendments and foliar stimulants. LIVE algae have auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins AND they will continue to make them.

This kit includes:
1. Algae Light (submersible LED, power supply, air hose, stand)
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This book is full of photographs of real-life examples, instructive diagrams, engaging illustrations, inspiring and instructive quotes, and current references that connect, organize, and highlight the current leading examples of applied permaculture in numerous fields and situations.

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How To Grow Half Your Own Food – Full Digital Video & Resource Set
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Here’s what fellow gardeners had to say about our Summits:

I got my microgreens setup completed, and have full trays of spicy and mild micro mix, as well as smaller tray of micro kale, chard, beets, radishes, lettuces and broccoli. I am looking forward to lots of yummy microgreens to be added to my salads soon! Thanks for these Summit presentations, they have changed my life!  



Stacey, thank you for being so passionate about food gardening. I never imagined all of this help was available as I have been muddling through pretty much on my own for years. So thank you. I’m working my way through the Summit and am learning new things to apply to my garden already. You rock. Keep up the good work!



I bought the Summit because I knew I couldn’t make it during showtimes. What remarkable tips these people have. Sure they are all experienced and professionals in their field but the ideas are so down to earth and doable for everyone. You did a great job Stacey choosing individual which would keep our interest and help us build a better, easier, and more productive harvest



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