The Superfood Garden Summit: Best of Collection

It’s an inspiration celebration! Think of it as the red carpet of garden masters… in overalls and boots.

This collection includes 18 presentations from some of the most visionary voices in organic gardening. Not only are the presenters experienced growers, but they are passionate teachers who have dedicated their lives to inspiring gardeners all over the world. In these presentations, they’re sharing the garden topics, tips, and techniques that excite them the most!

Some of the biggest names in organic gardening are in this collection:

🍅  Vegetables & Herb Plants 101 with Stacey Murphy

🚨  Herbal First Aid Kit with Sajah Popham

👯  Community Gardens that Thrive with Ocean Robbins & Yeun Byun

🌍   Regenerative Soil for an Abundant Harvest with Matt Powers

🍫  Secrets to Growing Your Own Chocolate with Marjory Wildcraft

💦   Irrigation & Water Conservation Made Easy with Greg Peterson

🍄   4 Easy Ways to Grow Mushrooms with Tradd Cotter

🌿   Herbal Medicine with Kami McBride

💡   LED Lights with Michael Kilpatrick

❗  Mistakes in the Garden with Tom Bartels

💙  Blueberries with Melissa Norris

🔮  Boosting the Nutrition of Your Edible Plants with Jessica Smith

🐛  Small Scale Vermicomposting You Can Do Anywhere with Rob Herring

👽  Boosting Your Garden Yields with Algae with Matt Huber

🍁 Growing Superfoods in the Fall and Winter with Jason Matayas

🌳 The Amazing Elderberry with John Moody

🥕 The Superfood Perpetual Harvest Hack with Paul & Edwin Dysinger

🌻 Adding Flowers to Your Garden with Stacey Murphy

The Best of Superfood Garden Summit Collection will give you the inspiration you need to get started right, try something new, or improve your current garden system, so you can create the abundant garden of your dreams!

The “Who’s Who” of the
Best of Superfood Garden Summit Collection

Stacey Murphy

Ocean & Yeun

Ocean Robbins
& Yeun Byun

Sajah Popham

Greg Peterson

Matt Powers

Kami McBride

Marjory Wildcraft Headshot

Marjory Wildcraft

Jason Matyas

Tradd Cotter

Jessica Smith

Rob Herring Headshot

Rob Herring

Marjory Wildcraft Headshot

Michael Kilpatrick

Tom Bartels

Melissa Norris

Matt Huber

John Moody

Marjory Wildcraft Headshot

Paul & Edwin Dysinger

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Here’s what a few people are saying about the summit collection:

Such a new way to look at the interconnected world of nature. So Fun!

Annetta R.

We are part of nature – plants, herbs, flowers talk to us! Even rocks and water… Great inspiration!

Chikae I.

This was great info. My garden is going to love all of the new things I have learned!

Betsy J.

I am learning so much from all of the speakers. Tom gives me hope to be able to garden in a small space.

Kathryn HS.

Thank you for the information. It’s very rare to find a webinar where you get a lot of useful information instead of maybe 5% of valuable info and the rest is just the hosts selling you their programs.


Loved the blueberry pruning demonstration,. Seeing how to prune is very helpful.

Wendi M.

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🌱 A celebration of our favorite presentations from 6 years of the Superfood Garden Summit!

🌱 You will learn tips, tricks, and techniques about all of your favorite gardening topics.

🌱 Discover new hardening ideas you may not have thought of before!

🌱 Be inspired to get started right, try something new, or improve your current garden system.

🌱 Yours for life! Hours and hours of amazing presentations from 17 gifted growers to watch when you are not building the garden of your dreams!

Want all the info? Let’s review the 5 Ws!

Who? Only some of the most innovative voices in organic gardening! Join the experts as they teach you all about the plants, science, and techniques that inspire them to keep growing and keep sharing their garden wisdom. In the videos, you’ll also get to sneak a peek at some of their gardens

What? It’s an inspiration celebration! The Best of Superfood Garden Collection includes 18 presentations on some of the hottest gardening topics, adding up to over 109 hours of video! And they’re yours for life, so this collection grows with your gardening goals.

Where? Since the collection is fully online through our membership portal, you can access all those ingenious presentations wherever you go. Binge watch them all at once (don’t forget to stretch), go through them as your busy schedule allows, host a watch party with gardener friends, and rewatch your favorites as much as you want!

When? The collection is yours for life!

Why? Because wherever you are in your gardening journey, inspiration is everything. You’ll learn about growing medicinal plants, exciting crops, and how to grow food for your food. You’ll also learn about growing methods to increase efficiency that will help you get started right, maximize the nutrition of your food, and harvest BIG.

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