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There’s all kinds of garden challenges that you will face:
• super hot or super cold temperatures
• soil that is hard as a rock
• plants that don’t seem to grow…
… Are any of these challenges insurmountable?

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16+ Garden Visionaries Help You Grow
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Consider what a Superfood Garden could do for you in today's world...
Now more than ever, it's important to grow your own fresh food.


Gardens heal! Enjoy an organic garden lifestyle and confidently partner with nature. Connect to the Earth and grow an abundant harvest without any toxic chemicals.


Homegrown tastes better! Imagine the pride of sharing your very own supercharged vegetables and herbs with your loved ones.


Boost your immunity, improve mental clarity and feel SUPER with homegrown food that prevents and even reverses the most common chronic diseases!


Get master tips to grow SUPERFOODS... NO need to spend your whole paycheck on supplements to feel great!


YOU GOT THIS! Join a community of fellow fresh food lovers from 167 countries for a healthier, more resilient planet for all.

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During this exclusive Livestream event, learn from these garden visionaries how to supercharge your garden and thrive!
Stacey Murphy
Stacey MurphySpirit Gardening to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul
Ocean Robbins
Ocean RobbinsHealthier Together: Community Gardens that Thrive
David Wolfe
David WolfeInterplanting Fruit & Nut Trees with Vegetables
Sajah Popham
Sajah PophamHerbal First Aid Kit: 5 Plants & How to Prepare them
Tom Bartels
Tom BartelsHow to Preserve Kale, Beets & Potatoes For Peak Flavor
Rob Herring
Rob HerringWhy Neuroscience Predicts Gardeners Live Longer
Jesicca Smith
Jesicca SmithSweet & Abundant Homegrown Strawberries
Jason Matyas
Jason MatyasIrrigation & Water Conservation Made Easy
Greg Peterson
Greg PetersonHealthy Soil for Garden Success & Climate Resiliency
Marjory Wildcraft
Marjory WildcraftSecrets to Growing Your Own Chocolate
Michael Kilpatrick
Michael KilpatrickSupercharging Your Garden Soil

Matthew Huber
Matthew HuberGrow Your Own Spirulina

Dale Soloman
Dale SolomanSpirulina: The Endurance Booster You Can Grow + Recipes
Matt Powers
Matt PowersChoosing a Compost System That Works For You

John Moody
John MoodyMaximizing Your Sweet Potato Harvest

Yeun Byun
Yeun ByunHealthier Together: Community Gardens that Thrive

Jana Bogs
Jana BogsAwesome Food, Vibrant Health

Tasha Greer
Tasha GreerHow to Grow Your Own Fresh Spice Cabinet Year Round

Here are just a few things you can expect to discover in this FREE global event:

  • The simple steps to growing nutrient-dense superfoods… anywhere, all year round.
  • Common mistakes to avoid so you can grow a more abundant harvest with less work.
  • Creating an action plan NOW to be READY for your peak growing season so you can avoid the overwhelm.
  • How to grow bigger, healthier harvests by supercharging the nutrient density of all your edible plants.
  • Supercharging your soil and choosing a composting system to make your gardening easier and more bountiful.
  • How to grow chocolate, sweet potatoes, strawberries and so much MORE!

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Superfood Gardening eGuide

You can’t get this high quality of health at the store.

Consider the benefits of growing superfoods at home! From the moment a plant is picked, it starts dying and losing precious vitamins, minerals, and phytoactive compounds. Instead of food that’s been sitting in delivery trucks and grocery shelves for two weeks or more… grow your own fresh-picked harvests for SUPERIOR nourishment! This eGuide shares 12 Superfoods Anyone Can Grow.

BONUS #1 from Stacey Murphy, Grow Your Own Vegetables
Value $30

Stacey Murphy
Ocean Robbins

Brain Food: 8 Superfoods Your Brain Will Love

If you're over 50, the groundwork for dementia may already be in your brain. The good news is, there's a lot you can do to prevent or even reverse this process and to boost brain performance.

This report from Food Revolution Network outlines the scientifically-proven ways you can use food to regenerate brain cells and radically enhance your brain health. You'll get a list of eight superfoods that feed your brain as well as delicious "comfort food" recipes which feature these superfoods and that your entire family will love.

BONUS #2 from Ocean Robbins, Food Revolution Network
Value $10

Free Issue - Materia Medica Monthly

Claim your free issue of Materia Medica Monthly, where you’ll get a 3 hour deep-dive workshop on how to use one of Western herbalism’s most cherished medicinal plants. You’ll also receive a 20+ page monograph covering the holistic properties, scientific data, and spiritual qualities of this remedy. Click the link here and enter your name and email to get your free issue..

BONUS #3 from Sajah Popham, Evolutionary Herbalism
Value $20

Sajah Popham
Marjory Wildcraft

The Miracle of Garlic: Your First Home Medicine – eBook

In just 18 pages, “Garlic: Your First Home Medicine” wastes no time, revealing EVERYTHING you need to start using this amazing super-food you already have in your kitchen to boost immunity and fight common infections-NATURALLY!

BONUS #4 from Marjory Wildcraft, The GROW Network
Value $30

The Power of Intention Self Help Series

Get access to five inspirational videos, delivered to your inbox weekly, about The Power Of Intention – a concept that will revolutionize your goal-setting, diet and mindset.

BONUS #5 from David Wolfe
Value $49

David Wolfe
Tom Bartels

Tom’s Free Quick Start Guide: The 5 Fastest Ways to Improve Your Organic Garden

Gardener's Quick Start Guide (a 46 page quick start guide). Learn the 5 fastest changes to double your yields and reduce labor!

BONUS #6 from Tom Bartels, Grow Food Well
Value $20

A Foraged Feast - Nutritional Value of Edible Wild Food

An Excerpt From The Herbal Academy’s The Foraging Course.

BONUS #7 from Herbal Academy
Value $30

Herbal Academy
A Year in Spices

A Year in Spices

Spice planting calendar and inspirational PDF with lots of spice growing and useful tips and tidbits interspersed with a few beautiful photos of spices.

BONUS #8 from Tasha Greer
Value $10

10% off Heirloom Seeds

Plant your seeds of hope… and make them heirloom while you’re at it. These high quality seeds have been passed down from generation to generation because they produce delicious fruit. Take advantage of 10% off today. (NOTE: This bonus is only for participants in the U.S.)

BONUS #9 from Seeds for Generations
Value: 10% Savings

Heirloom Seeds

Ecological Garden Primer Recipe Guide from Jessica Smith, Grow Food Film

Learn how to jumpstart your garden with recipes to boost the health of your plants and even have the chance to win a done-for-you kit!

Also includes entry for 2 small Garden Health Kits and a 15% discount. A healthy garden yields high-quality food for nourishing people. The Garden Health Kit ensures your garden is robust and resilient to pests and disease, while also growing healthy plants that build healthy soil and contribute to a healthy planet.

BONUS #10 from Jessica Smith
Value $79

Your guide to knowing how to use edible flowers in your everyday meals from Kami McBride

Printable edible flower recipes. Learn how to safely use edible flowers that not only bring beauty to your lunch plate, but provide multiple health benefits as well.

BONUS #11 from Kami McBride
Value $20

Kami McBride
Michael Kilpatrick

Supercharging Your Soil Resource Guide from Michael Kilpatrick

Time-Saving Resource Guide containing links to various resources and supplies for brewing your own teas!

BONUS #12 from Michael Kilpatrick
Value $27

About Your Host:

Stacey Murphy - Summit Host

Stacey has traveled to gardens, farms and homesteads across the globe and has curated best practices from coast to coast. Stacey envisions a world where everyone is nourished by the magic of fresh, affordable and culturally exciting food…extra points if it’s homegrown.

Stacey is one of the world’s top gardening experts, featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World and once appeared on the David Letterman show featuring a giant radish! She is known for her superpower of packing, literally, tons of vegetables and herbs into tight spaces and she has helped thousands of new gardeners from six continents enjoy fresh, affordable food grown at home - whether that’s a pot on a window sell or a front lawn full of veggies.

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