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2023 SGS Top Banner

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Grow Your Own Vegetables is on a mission to support one million new growers in creating successful vegetable and herb gardens. Our team’s passion is to remove gardening obstacles so that you have the opportunity to wake up, step into your garden, and harvest organic breakfast greens or mint for your morning tea. We want to empower you to create a lifetime of healthy habits for you and your loved ones with garden-fresh food.

Join Stacey Murphy (Founder) and Denise Beins (CEO) of Grow Your Own Vegetables as they share the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit. Stacey is one of the world’s top gardening experts, and she envisions a world where everyone is nourished by the magic of fresh, affordable, and culturally exciting food…extra points if it’s homegrown! Denise believes gardening can be part of anyone's lifestyle, no matter what kind of space, physical ability, or experience they have. That's why she has gathered so many garden visionaries in one place for the 2024 Superfood Garden Summit. Join Grow Your Own Vegetables for this exciting event, and take part in their mission of fresh food for all!

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