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Here you go! Your FREE guide to Superfood Gardening

Here ya go! Your FREE guide to Superfood Gardening

Discover your first step to the highest quality health foods grown right at home

Discover your first step to the highest quality health foods grown right at home.

Get healthy and grow your own superfoods… it’s easier than you think!  This All Access Pass will show you how.

Get healthy and grow your own superfoods… it’s easier than you think.  This All Access Pass will show you how.

During this exclusive event, these garden visionaries will show you how to grow 12+ powerful superfoods right at home to supercharge your health and vitality

During this exclusive event, these garden visionaries will show you how to grow 12+ powerful superfoods right at home to supercharge your health and vitality

Kevin Espiritu

Grow a Non-stop Supply Of Nutrient Rich Microgreens Daily

Marjory Wildcraft

Gardening in an Era of Climate Change

Melissa Norris

Blueberries for Beginners: Increase Yield and Combat Disease Naturally

Sajah Popham

Your Complete Herbal Medicine Garden in 10 Plants

John Moody

Everything You Need to Grow Sweet Potatoes.. Anywhere!

Stacey Murphy

Simple Ginger and Turmeric Container Garden

Greg Peterson

Three Stages to Fruit Tree Success

Kami McBride

3 Easy Herbal Rituals for Everyday Health & Wellness

Stacey Murphy

Grow Your 5 Flavor Garden: Chard, Spinach, Parsley, Celery & Sorrel

Michael Kilpatrick

How to Grow Perfect Transplants  with LED Lights

Dax Funderburk

5 Keys to Growing Garlic without any Hard Work

Jesicca Smith

​Easy to Grow Tulsi Basil for Boosting Energy and Melting Stress

John Moody

Simple Tricks To Growing And Harvesting Elderberries

Daniel Brisebois

Tigernuts?! Safely Grow this Lesser Known Ancient Superfood

Mystery Guest

Supercharge Your Soil To Avoid Pests & Diseases

Inheriting the wisdom of these garden visionaries makes growing your own food so much simpler… And once your garden is thriving, imagine what else is possible!

  • Grow a more abundant harvest without a lot of hard work
  • Ensure your foods are supercharged with precious nutrients
  • Nourish yourself with homegrown medicine and prevent chronic diseases
  • Enjoy the garden lifestyle and tap into the peace of knowing exactly how your food was grown

Enjoy ALL the presentations during the Encore Weekend for FREE until July 29th at 9am Eastern.  

Or simply grab the Super Garden All Access Pass

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During the Superfood Garden Summit, you get free access to  15 presentations over the course of four days. Just in case you miss anything LIVE, you can own it all instantly now!

Here’s what you receive:

  • Lifetime access to every single presentation, so you can enjoy the expert motivation and knowledge when you most need it
  • New ideas uncovered when you listen again and again. Ideas you missed the first time around! As you gain more garden experience, you will discover even more golden nuggets each time you listen.
  • Life-changing tips that you can share with family and friends, too.
  • Collection of powerful bonuses worth over $500! Resources and tools, all proven to help simplify your garden efforts and make your garden GROW.

Take action and grab the Superfood Garden All Access Pass RIGHT NOW!

One Time Offer for you: Grab Your Super Garden All Access Pass before the timer runs out

As a special treat, when you say yes to this time sensitive offer, you will also own the following… for free, for a limited time.

Here’s your Holiday Bundle BONUSES when you act now!

​Best of Garden Summit Collection

Own this collection of 16 of the listener’s favorite presentations from past Garden Summits!Featuring the top Homegrown Revolutionary topics from Growing Tomatoes to Cultivating Mushrooms, Maximizing Yields, Aquaponics, Lasagna Bed Garden Building, Community Gardening, Wild Foraging and more! This collection is a must-have for any garden enthusiast.Take advantage of decades of garden wisdom to avoid common pitfalls..BONUS #1 from Stacey MurphyValue $197

Superfood Garden Cheat Sheets

Find the info you’re looking for from the summit fast with the cheat sheets of the biggest takeaways from each presentation. We’ve taken notes so that you don’t have to! It’s like transcripts but even better… because the information is condensed and organized for you.BONUS #2 from Stacey MurphyValue $37

Growing Food Pest & Disease Free

Discover preventative strategies to grow your food pest and disease free and save yourself tons of energy trying to fight them off. Includes natural, homemade recipes and remedies for deterring pests and minimizing diseases.BONUS #3 from Stacey MurphyValue $97

Harvest Club – Two Month Membership

Enjoy two months of Stacey Murphy’s online membership program free with your toolkit purchase and take your garden harvest to the next level. Member-only LIVE Q&A’s with Stacey will help you get the answers you need to make more progress in your garden faster than you thought possible. Plus gain access to a portal filled with cheat sheets and templates that help you grow MORE harvest with LESS stress.BONUS #4 from Stacey MurphyValue $100

Jumpstart Your Urban Farm

With Greg’s step-by-step guidance it won’t be long before you’re cultivating your own edible yard. In this life-changing course, you will learn: the 3 essential steps to becoming an urban farmer; the powerful distinction between “regenerative” and “sustainable”; how to use permaculture principles to examine your space and plan your urban farm or garden; why growing your own food is one of the most revolutionary ways to change the world; plus, you’ll gain access to a members-only Facebook page where you can share your progress and get help from Greg and other members of the Urban Farm communityBONUS #5 from Greg PetersonValue $97

Garlic Report

Here it is! Your guide to using garlic as medicine and your first line of defense against colds and flus, ear infections, parasites, inflammation, cardiovascular issues, bacteria, fungus and more! In this easy to read e-book, Marjory Wildcraft shares the many amazing benefits garlic has to offer, the seven mistakes people make when using garlic so you can avoid them, and how to use this amazing food as medicine.BONUS #6 from Marjory Wildcraft & the Grow NetworkValue $19

How to Make Chili Oil eBook

Learn to make a delicious condiment that has a BIG IMPACT on your health. With its antibacterial properties, digestive support and virus-fighting abilities, this recipe guide will help you spice up your health! Nothing in the store compares to home-made chili oil! This is a great way to start turning your garden into your medicine cabinet for health and wellness.BONUS #7 from Kami McBride & Living AwarenessValue $18

Blueberry Preservation Guide

Here it is! Easy ways to preserve the harvest for year round eating. Learn how to freeze, dehydrate, and can blueberries so you can stock your pantry with this powerful superfood. This guide contains step-by-step instructions, time saving tips, and our favorite, healthy blueberry recipes.  

BONUS #9 from Melissa NorrisValue $19

​Supercharge Your Garden eBook

Healthy soil is the key to getting the nutrient density you want for your health! Discover the recipes and steps to cultivating superior soil… then prepare yourself for the overwhelming abundance coming your way! This complete e-book has what you need to become a steward of the soil and guardian of your healthy fresh food lifestyle.BONUS #9 from Jessica Smith & Human Longevity ProjectValue $19

BONUS Clip: Fermenting Black Garlic Plus 20% Off at HardneckGarlic.com

Discover the wonderful flavor and health benefits of fermented black garlic in this BONUS clip with garlic farmer, Dax Funderburk. And for U.S. Purchasers: With over 90 varieties of garlic bred for flavor and nutrient density you won’t find in a grocery store, Hardneckgarlic.com is THE place for garlic growers. Find the perfect garlic for roasting, the best varieties for fermenting, the cultivars that make the best medicine, and so much more!BONUS #10 from Dax Funderburk & Hardneck Garlic Value $20+

​Eat Life Force: How to grow greens in your kitchen​Enjoy fresh LIVING greens daily! Discover how to grow fresh sprouts and microgreens in your kitchen, using jars, bags, or trays. Download your Free plans to build an automatic sprouter anywhere in the world, using easy to find parts.BONUS #11 from Val ArcherValue $3

The Beginner’s Garden Quickstart GuideNo experience necessary with this Beginner’s Garden QuickStart Guide! This easy to read eBook will take you from planning to planting and beyond with just 30 minutes per week so you can enjoy fresh delicious food on your plate.BONUS #12 from Jill McSheehy Value $12.99

​​Beginners Guide to Herb GardeningA Beginners Guide to Herb Gardening provides all the basics you need to get started growing herbs successfully right at home. Discover the top ten easiest-to-grow herbs, so you can savor fresh herbs with every meal! And enjoy all the beauty, flavor and health that fresh herbs add to your life.BONUS #13 from Mary St. Dennis

​$10 Off – Reusable Coupon for Seeds & SuppliesGrab $10 off orders of $50 or more on seeds, tools and equipment. (NOTE: This bonus only for participants in North America.) Use as many times as you like and save hundreds from now through December 31, 2019!  

BONUS #14 from Johnny’s Selected SeedsValue $10 x however many times you use it!

Total Value of Your Garden Bonuses: $500+

Act today and get the Summit presentations plus all 14 Bonuses for 50% off!

The Super Garden All Access Pass is 100% risk-free! Hundreds of people like you have invested in our Summits over the years. I’m confident that you will be thrilled. On the small chance this doesn’t work for you, you receive a FULL refund within 30-days of your purchase. No hassles. Simply email support@GrowYourOwnVegetables.org. If for any reason you request a refund, the entire package, with all the downloads, is still yours to keep. That’s why I call my guarantee “risk-free”Take full advantage for 30 days and see for yourself: Immediately when you order, you are taken to the presentations and check lists so you can get started right away. 

Questions? Check out SuperfoodGardenSummit.com/helpNeed further assistance: Support@GrowYourOwnVegetables.org

Gardeners UNITE! Share the Homegrown Revolution with Friends

Want a world where everyone has access to fresh food? So do we! Let’s connect and cover the planet with edible landscapes that nourish our bodies, our communities and the planet.Tell your friends, family and network to join us! Simply share this link: SuperfoodGardenSummit.comRemember: All the presentations will be available for FREE when the event airs LIVE July 17-21. So spread the word, before we get started!

Here’s what fellow gardeners had to say about our Summits: 

“I got my microgreens setup completed, and have full tray each of spicy and mild micro mix, as well as smaller tray of micro kale, chard, beets, radishes, lettuces and broccoli. I have the lights on a timers. I am looking forward to lots of yummy microgreens to be added to my salads soon! Thanks for these Summit presentations, they have changed my life!!” – Karla 

“Stacey, thank you for being so passionate about food gardening. I never imagined all of this help was available as I have been muddling through pretty much on my own for years. So thank you. I’m working my way through the Summit and am learning new thingsto apply to my garden already.

You rock. Keep up the good work!” – Anne

“I bought the Summit because I knew I couldn’t make it during showtimes, and I’m still working my way thru the presentations. What remarkable tips these people have. Sure they are all experienced and professionals in their field but the ideas are so down to earth and doable for everyone. You did a great job Stacey choosing indiviuals wthich would keep our interest and help us build a better, easier, a more productive harvest.” – Kathi

Invest in your health and vitality:

Own the Super Garden All Access Pass for 50% off TODAY!

Own it for life. Grow superfoods right at home with ease.

Regularly $197Today just $97

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