Dax Funderburk

5 Keys to Growing Garlic Without Any Hard Work

More About Dax Funderburk

As a very young child when asked ‘Dax, where are you going?’ the common response was a ‘Out to dig a hole down!’ Summers spent with grandparents and neighbors in the gardens of his youth led to a lifelong passion that he now shares with his wife and four daughters. Growing heirloom garlic for more than two decades now, what was once a hobby that provided a needed respite from the challenges of various professional engagements has turned into a passionate second career at www.hardneckgarlic.com. When not out “digging holes down” on their two family farms in Pennsylvania and Vermont you’ll find the Funderburk family at various garlic festivals throughout the Northeast United States with their more than 90 varieties of hardneck garlic, helping others GROW GREAT GARLIC!