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Superfood Garden Summit Presenters

During this exclusive online event, learn from these garden visionaries how to supercharge your garden and your health!

Stacey Murphy

Adding Flowers
to Your Garden

Ocean Robbins

Superfoods that are Super Easy and Fun to Grow

Dr. Trevor Cates

How Organic Superfoods Help Hormonal Balance and Skin

Edwin & Paul Dysinger

The Superfood Perpetual Harvest Hack

Tom Bartels

Secrets to a Sustainable & Nutrient-Dense Veggie Garden

Rob Herring

We Decided to Become Farmers

Jessica Smith

School Gardens for Super Kids (and at Home!)

Jason Matyas

Starting Seeds & Caring for Seedlings

Greg Peterson

 Planting Fruit Trees
for Success

Marjory Wildcraft

How to Have Free Breakfast for Life

Michael Kilpatrick

Choosing Greens Varieties for All Climates

Kami McBride

Edible Flower Herb Walk

Tasha Greer

Weeds are Superfoods Too
(for you & your garden!)

Matt Powers

The Miracle of Soil Organic Matter

John Moody

The Amazing Elderberry

Jana Bogs Headshot

Jana Bogs

Double the Nutrient Content of Your Crops + Citrus for Cleansing

Meg Groves

Engaging Kids
in the Garden

Gracie Schatz

Spanakopita - A Delicious & Nutritious Superfood Feast

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